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MARK KOTLINSKI - Producer, Director, & Editor

Mark Kotlinski is a Filmmaker as well as a co-founder of 88HIPHOP,  the first Hip-Hop web media brand that helped launch the careers of artists like Eminem, 50 Cent, Big Pun, Outkast, Nelly, and many others.


His latest work is called “Living Funk” a documentary and vinyl record reissue project began when Mark uncovered a one of a kind 1970’s test pressing record and decades later set out to discover the untold story behind the group “Living Funk” that recorded it. 


Mark also continues his work in Branded Entertainment, most recently as Producer for ”Marley Marl Classic Recipes.”  The video series features Marley Marl, one of Hip-Hop’s most respected producers, sharing the stories behind his many Hip-Hop classics while recreating them on the latest musical equipment.


Mark's directorial debut documentary, TATS CRU:The Mural Kings, had it’s World Premiere at the Urbanworld Film Festival and has been broadcast on The Documentary Channel (US), WNYC (NYC), Sky Arts (UK), and SBS (Australia).

JOHN CARLUCCIO - Producer, Director of Photography

John Carluccio is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker who is best known for documenting under-recognized pockets of urban society.


He has created media for Current TV, MSG, MTV, BET and Dubspot Music School (Head of Production and Web Series Development).


John’s debut film, Battle Sounds: Hip-hop Dj Documentary, premiered at the 1997 Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art.


He was an Associate Producer on the theatrical motion picture Scratch (Sundance 2001) and the creator of TTM, a DJ notation system.


More at www.cinqua.com

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